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The Phone From Hell

Last April, our office secretary retired after thirty-seven years on the job. I had been around as department manager for the last fifteen of them, and I knew we were going to have an impossible time ........ Read More

The Apple Iphone For Business

If you view the advertising for the Apple iPhone, you would think that it is strictly for young adults to be used for pleasure. Most of the advertising focuses on the iPhone's entertainment value. T........ Read More

Face Plates For The Latest Cell Phone Models Samsung U540

New York, NY Jul 23,2007 Looking for Cell Phone Faceplates? Then 101cells online cellphone accessory store is the right place for you. 101cells has the lowest prices and best quality products. 101cell........ Read More

Download Free Iphone Games

In order to download some free games for your iphone, there will be a few things you need. Number one is an Iphone, obviously, so congratulations if you managed to get your hands on one. On top of the........ Read More

The Callcentric Sip Softphone

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is one of the most popular methods of Internet Telephony today. Wikipedia defines SIP as “an application-layer control (signaling) protocol for creating, modifying,........ Read More

Business Phones Keep Up With Changes In Technology

The basic premise that defines a business phone has been simple and well stated for many years. Business phones, unlike home telephones, need to be able to handle a large call volume and provide funct........ Read More

The Cell Phone Facts You Need To Know

The popularity of cellular phones all over the world has simply exploded and you can't go anywhere in the world, not even a poor country that does not even have hot water, where people are not walkin........ Read More

How To Save On Cell Phone Bill

Seems like everybody's got a personal cellphone. Heck, my young cousin who's only in elementary school has one! Cellphones are convenient and mobile, however, you can get hefty charges when you go be........ Read More

Contract Phones And The Great Network Swindle

It’s familiar conversation amongst friends gathered in the pub on a Friday night. Someone got a new mobile phone which does this that and the other, but what a trauma they had to go through to get ........ Read More

Cell Phones And The Dentist

Don't you just hate people who talk on their cell phones while they drive? Blindly babbling away, not paying attention to the road, endangering everyone nearby … so inconsiderate. Anyway, today whi........ Read More

Hey, Get The Phone! (it's For You!)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I'm sure most, if not all, of you know this old story, but I'm going to tell it anyway. (Don't stop me if you've heard it!) Two old prospectors are arguing over ........ Read More

The Growth Of Cellphones

Cellphones are quickly becoming an integral part of our lives. They increase the convenience factor, help us stay organized, and keep us in touch with the people that we love. They can also help us k........ Read More

Making The Most Of A Headphone Review

Getting the best from a headphone review. Listening to my music through a set of quality hi fi home studio stereo speakers is the ultimate for me...at least until the found the other option. I like he........ Read More

Importance Of Mobile Phones!

With the advent of new technology the way of communication is also changed. In very early days of history, pigeons were used as means of communication. Later, written messages are sent through letters........ Read More

Buying A Cell Phone And Mobile Battery Problems

Buying a Cell Phone: An Overview Everyday different manufacturers around the world are introducing the models with the new features. This is what needs to be taken into consideration when you go........ Read More


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Business Phone Phone Service VOIP Voip Provider
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Business Phone Phone Service VOIP Voip Provider
Voip Telephony Getting Broadband Residential Voip Web Conferencing

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