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AAPT Business Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to help you meet your business needs and demands. From your employees to your IT systems, we offer you excellent services to improve your performance and efficiency.

We offer services targeted at ensuring you meet the goals of your business and make more revenue. We run checks on your employees and applicants to help you get the right candidate that’s befitting for your business.

If you are looking to outsource your IT to a third party that will deliver excellent results, we are the perfect fit for you. We handle the huge chunk of data involved with your business. With high efficiency, we work towards ensuring you get all you need for a functional operation.

Vetting Services

Security check is an important part of businesses. We offer a quality experience in security assessments to help businesses and government agencies assess their staff and make excellent business decisions. We help businesses to determine the veracity of their staff and the new workers they intend to employ.

Employee Screening

Employee Screening has to do with the review of the applicant’s information that’s supplied to the employer. This can be a lot to do for the employer and, as such, the employer often outsources to a third party with the consent of the applicant. This is a background check and a pre-employment screening.

Consulting Advisory

We offer consulting advisory to help businesses ensure that they are hitting their targets and achieving their market results. This goes a long way in achieving the missions and goals of the business. The importance of consulting advisory cannot be overstated considering its essence to business and how it helps business owners map out efficient strategies through which they can attend to their business needs

Managed IT Services

While technology is a crucial part of your business, no one is to say that there won’t be glitches and other tech issues. When these arise, you’ll need the services of experts to handle them. This means you have to look for the right professional to help you out. But with Managed IT services, you can do away with all these.

Supply Chain & Distribution

Supply chain and distribution is a crucial part of a business that many business owners have had to tackle. This is a key part that has been at the epicentre of businesses and the needs keep changing with the passing of time. This is because many businesses need their goods delivered and need to supply their goods across various places.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions have become a critical part of businesses in the modern age. There are growing needs concerning businesses and the demands that should be served. One of the most essential things about businesses is storage.

Start-up Finance

Getting finance for your business can be challenging especially if you are just kick-starting your start-up. There are times you may have business ideas but not the money to fund them. This is often the case with many young founders. Ideas are myriad, but funding is often an issue.

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